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This is an incomplete list of media arts/animation/interactive design MFA programs I came across during my search of programs to apply to in 2016. I thought this list may be helpful. The programs with * next to the names are funded, most programs listed have some sort of funding and some may be fully funded also but due to time constraints  I stopped researching when it became clear program wasn't a good fit for my interests. So there is not complete funding info for all of them. 


Hopefully this helps someone, good luck and feel free to post any programs I missed.


CCNY, Digital & Interdisciplinary Arts

Tulane, Digital Media*

University of New Mexico, Electronic Art

UC, Irvine, Digital Art MFA

University Of Oregon, Digital Media MFA*

Alfred University, Electronic Integrated Arts MFA

Indiana University, Digital Art MFA

San Francisco State University, Information Arts MFA

Rensselaer Polytechnic Electronic Art MFA

SDSU, Multimedia MFA,

George Mason, New Media MFA

UI,New Media MFA

Purdue, Interaction Design Mfa

University of Georgia, Dramatic media

University of South Wales, MA Animation

CSULA, Animation MFA

USC, Animation MFA

SCAD, Animation MFA

RIT, Animation

Pratt Animation

Temple Interactive Design MFA

Emily Carr, Master of Digital Media

WPI, game design

Drexel, Animation MFA

NYU, Game Design MFA

LSU, Digital Art MFA

OSU Art and Technology MFA

CCA, Interaction Design

Carnegie Mellon ETC Mfa

University of Connecticut, Digital Art

Ball State University, Animation MFA

San Jose State University, Digital Art

NYIT, Animation MFA

SUNY Buffalo Media Production *

Clemson Digital Production

SUVA Motion Graphics MFA

Digipen, Digital Art MFA

UCSB, Digital Media MFA

UCLA, Animation MFA



*edited for grammar & spelling
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Thanks, I also spaced adding my short list since I was still researching when I posted. UW also has a Human Centered Design and Engineering MS program which I hear is pretty good.


University of Michigan, Art MFA


University of Denver, Emergent Digital Practice MFA


UC Santa Cruz, DANM


Virginia Tech Creative Technology MFA


MIT Media Lab


Hunter IMA

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There's also Parsons' MFA in Design & Technology. That's a really good program in my opinion. I took an elective in that program at The New School. The one negative is that it's all over the place as far as course offerings so it may be difficult to find enough courses to support your focus area. I'm applying to practice-based PhD programs in this field, but I'm considering staying local and getting an MFA instead. Good luck in your pursuit!

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DrF8: Thanks for bring up Parsons. The program looks like it may be a really good fit for my interests though I haven't really finalized where I am applying yet. Good luck to you also. :)


neetasharma750: No problem, I just figured if I could save someone else hours of monotonous research why not right.

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