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So who got accepted by UC Berkeley Rhetoric?

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I am asking because I just got my rejection letter from them today. If you get accepted, could you please share your research interests and personal statement so people who really want to get in for the next wave may learn from your success? Thank you in advance.

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On 2/10/2015 at 11:51 PM, pcato1 said:

I got in. I'll send you a personal message if you'd like.

Hi, it's so great that you were admitted by both the Committee on Social Thought and Berkeley's Rhetoric! I'm applying this year, and the Committee is my dream program. I'm wondering if you can share with me you personal statement. It'd be great if I can learn something from you.

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Can anybody admitted to Berkeley's Rhetoric or Chicago's Social Thougt share his or her background, research interests, and SoP if possible with me too? That would really be helpful, as I am planning to apply to them next year.

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