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Skype interview - lessons learned?

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Hi friends,


I was contacted by a potential POI for a PhD programme, and we have arranged a Skype conversation for next week. (If accepted, I would begin this coming Fall.)  I've been on my share of professional and academic interviews in-person or over the phone, but this is the first time I've ever had such a thing over Skype.


Thought I would throw it out to everyone if they had any experience with these things, and what went right/what went wrong in your experience?  Did you prepare any differently than an in-person interview?

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Have someone do a practice interview for you also on Skype. Doesn't matter if they are in the next room. Have responses ready for questions you know they are going to ask, and practice them. Make sure you have good lighting and a fast connection - you don't want to have to apologize for the quality. You need to be polished in a skype interview even more than an in-person interview, because you won't have time to make another impression, while waiting before or after. Look at the camera. Be confident. Practice. 

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I didn't wear boxers or pants during my merit award interview. I realize this is/was odd but I knew it would calm me, even subconsciously - if I started to get nervous, just remember - I'm sitting here naked from the waist down.


EDIT: For the people who know me at VDS, you're welcome for that mental image.

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