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Taking the GRE a second time but without the writing section

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I want to take the GRE a second time because my first time was terrible (151Q 144V) but my writing was really good (5.0) and in the 93% percentile. So I do not want to go through the stress of re-doing it, and just focus on the other parts. I called ETS and they said that I could just skip it on the test day and do the other two sections. However on the score sheet, it's going to show "No score" for the AW section. Could this be a bad thing for admission committees. Of course I am going to send my previous scores too, but Im just curious as whether it might send the wrong signals. 

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I think I'd rather just do it completely fresh rather than have to report the previous low Q and V score. But, at least in my field, AW doesn't count for, well, anything so it wouldn't bother me if it dropped a little bit (say to a 4.5).

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