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Aw, thanks for asking! First: this is a professional decision, and you are not going to hurt anyone's feelings. Admissions committees will indeed be disappointed when we fail to recruit our top c

Sure--It feels like it might be an open secret at this point! I'd been warned of tokenism by one of my POIs at another school (who had actually gone to Michigan), and it was also evident upon meeting

I declined Brown. I committed to Chicago. I hope that gives someone on the waitlist good news!

38 minutes ago, ExileFromAFutureTime said:

I didn't expect to feel so much angst turning down offers. Anyone else feeling similarly? I'm dragging on sending out the emails. 

I just think of the dread and hope I felt being on waitlists. Makes it easier to send out those emails.

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Okay, the future is coming into focus.

Last week I declined York University's fully funded offer + fellowship (English).

Today I declined Purdue's fully funded offer + fellowship (American Studies).

I think the finality of the decision is what has been giving me trouble; the moment before deciding my life could go in multiple directions. By saying 'no' I'm giving up an alternate academic experience and a hypothetical life elsewhere. 

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