Fall 2016 MFA

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I'm losing my mind--I just want to make my decision already!

I got accepted to one school. They need to tell me if I got an assistantship or not.

I'm stuck on the waitlist for another school.

And the last remaining school...oh man. I went on the portal a month or so ago to check my app status and was horrified to find out one of my professors didn't submit a letter of recommendation. I immediately emailed the program asking if my application was even being reviewed. They said it's fine and my app is still under review. I did find it unusual that they would reveal that information (that it was under review), rather than the "applicants will be notified by X time" that I'm normally used to seeing.

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Whelp. Just turned down Alaska, so everyone sticking around for 2017 will have to put up with another year of me asking inane questions and bemoaning my existential dread.

To the future!

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