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PhD in engineering in 2 years possible?

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If you already have a Masters, could it be possible to obtain a PhD (in engineering) in 2 years? How feasible is this?

 Potentially. It depends on whether your masters coursework will count at your new school. You usually have 2 years of coursework that phd students spread out over 4-5 years. It also depends on when you qualifying exam is. It could be fall semester of your 3rd year or it could be the summer after your first year. Chances are you will have to spend at least 3 years for the phd. My boss did her phd in genetics in 1.5 years but that was in the early 90's.. things have changed since then.

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If you don't have to do any coursework, it might be possible. I don't expect many supervisors to be willing to go that way with a student, though. Your best shot is probably at your current institution (or masters institution if you have already graduated).

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Are you returning to the same program? Is it still at Michigan? After working for 2 years, I'm going back to Michigan where I got my Master's from for a PhD this fall. I already fulfilled the coursework requirement and can take quals immediately, which would reduce my PhD length by at least a year. 


Though completing one in 2 years seem unrealistic even in my case where I don't have to take any more classes. I'm in engineering though, so a different field may have different requirements. 

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