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Can anyone recommend a good voice recorder? Do you mostly use it for class or in clinics too? Could I just use a microphone hooked up to my laptop? I'm used to taking classes online, so being able to easily refer back to a lecture later is important to me.



I hadn't thought about using a voice recorder in class. To record lectures I've used Word's notebook thing on my laptop and it works pretty well, plus it bookmarks the recording to the notes you're taking so it's easy to navigate. 


I'm looking at this voice recorder. It has GREAT reviews.




I was planning to use it in class to record lectures, but I'm intrigued about the notebook feature in Word that you mentioned. I've never heard of that...I'll have to do some research!

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So I'm a sucker for school supplies. I'm the one that you'll see browsing the isles completely in the off season just because it makes me happy, lol. I was wondering what supplies do you think are "mu

As a current SLP grad student (halfway there!), I would like to share what I have found to be important purchases over the past year: Laptop (an obvious one, but seriously invaluable. I bought a MacB

It would be lame but you gotta do what you gotta do hahaha

As a current SLP grad student (halfway there!), I would like to share what I have found to be important purchases over the past year:

  • Laptop (an obvious one, but seriously invaluable. I bought a MacBook Air and have had no compatibility issues, although I did purchase a student subscription to Microsoft Office. The Word Notebook feature that someone mentioned is great!).
  • Games! Our clinic has some, but it's not uncommon for pieces to be missing or things to be broken. It's nice to have my own. I wouldn't spend a ton of money, but if you can get them cheap or here and there (BNJ2017 has the right idea!). A few popular ones: Pop the Pig, Gooey Louie, Cariboo (no longer available, but sometimes you can find them at yard sales or thrift stores), Jenga, Headbanz, etc. The best games tend to be those that can be modified for whatever purposes. 
  • Books for collecting language samples: A Porcupine Named Fluffy (two copies, one to read and one to cover with tape), the Frog books by Mercer Mayer, Doctor De Soto (two copies), etc. I bought the books used in the SALT databases. Although we can check them out, they are relatively low price and nice to have available at any time. Plus I have kids, and they like them, too.
  • Files/folders. I was always one to use binders, but now I find that files/folders make things much easier and less bulky. I make a file for each client in which to keep data sheets, protocols, notes, etc., and a folder for each class. When the quarter is over, I shred the client documents that don't get placed into the client's clinic file, and I place the syllabus and other important papers from class in a binder for reference and safe-keeping.
  • Clipboard that has storage for papers. If you're extra cool, you'll get the one with the separate compartment for pens.
  • A watch. You can use your phone, but I find it easier (and less distracting to kids) to use a watch to keep track of time. Timers are also a great idea, if your clinic doesn't have them (or you want your own).
  • A small flashlight for oral mechanism examinations. Your phone's flashlight will not cut it.
  • Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology: A Resource Manual by Kenneth G. Shipley and Julie G. McAfee. Expensive, but worth every penny! It's like several books into one. It has so much information and includes pages for copying to use in your assessments.
  • Sharpies and dry erase markers. We have whiteboards and markers for use in clinic, but the markers don't always work. I can never find a Sharpie when I need it. (I must confess that I haven't bought markers; I borrow from others :/ They're on my "To Buy" list).
  • Red wine, craft beer  :P

Also, there is NOTHING lame about a wheeled backpack/bag. Many people have them, and they look professional. For voice recorders, most people use their phones (or laptops in class). I guess it would depend on your school's policy about recording clinic sessions. This may be a very individualized list, however, I hope it gives you an idea of the things that you may need in grad school. Good luck to everyone!  :D

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