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Cornell Online Application Status. Please Help!

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Hi Guys, 


I have applied to the Cornel SHA master. The deadline was April 15 and the result should be out this or next week. However, this morning  I logged into the online application to check my status. Unusually, I found myself being directed to a new application form. I am really confused. Does this mean I am rejected? Has anybody encountered similar problem? I would really appreciate if you guys can help me!! Thank you! 


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Don't lose hope,
It doesn't necessarily mean you're rejected - could be any number of things (glitchy website, they made a decision but haven't posted it, etc). 
Since the deadline was only April 15th, the best thing to do is wait. 
Checking website statuses is bad for your health - I know when I did it, all it did was make me incredibly anxious (and the results didn't get there any faster).
Like watching water boil.

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I applied to Cornell and they don't usually update the website when the result is made. They sent me an email with the decision.(Maybe they updated the website later, but I didn't check again).


In my experience, their office work is extremely efficient. Send them a short email with your doubt and they will reply in no time( really, I never waited for more than 24 hours during my application process).

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