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School Counseling Programs-non-psych major

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Hi all!

I am a current senior about to graduate with a speech pathology degree. I am looking at school counseling programs. I was wondering what everyone's take on school counseling programs is-I'm a little worried they are too narrow, although I would like to work in an educational setting, non-clinical wise.

I'm currently looking at GWU, Columbia, BU, UMD, and NYU.


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I completely understand where you are coming from. I have one year left until I graduate and am in the process of looking at MSW programs and MA School Counseling programs. My main concern with an MA in School Counseling like you said is that it is a little bit too narrow. I've also heard that in many states, even though it isn't required to have a background in teaching many states prefer that in their counselors so that they know whoever ends up in the position is familiar with schools, classrooms ,etc.  I originally was doing a teaching degree for undergrad FOR this reason but then decided that the programs were too long for something that wasn't my real long-term goal. 

I am now thinking that I am going to end up the MSW route because the field is so broad. I love that I can specialize in School Social Work that has a lot of overlaps with School Counseling, but if I am unable to find a job for a little while within a school, at least I have other options. 

I hope this gave a little insight! I know it's such an intimidating decision!! 

Have you made any decisions? 

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