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msw university of toronto and york

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Hi everyone,

This is my first year applying for a two year msw and I'm extremely nervous. 

My GPA is OK, not the best, but a little above a b+. I've also gone to five universities, so I hope they don't look at that negatively.

I have about one year of experience as an outreach worker and the rest of so so experience at a youth shelter. I'm so ready to do this and am dreading getting a rejection letter but know that it is very possible. 

My question is, ive only applied to York and Toronto , I absolutely want to live in Toronto, is this a mistake? Should I apply to more schools?

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York and UofT are two of the most competitive programs to get into. I know that you're really dead set on living in Toronto but I think you should consider applying more widely. It will dramatically increase your chances of getting into at least one program. Many people move across the country or even to another country to attend a masters or phd program and it's only for two years. You can always move to Toronto after you finish a program in another city. There are many other prestigious schools of social work in Ontario. You could also consider doing a post-degree BSW. York offers this, as well as McMaster (Hamilton).

Keep in mind that UofT values research experience and you must have a minimum of an A in research methods. I attended York for my undergrad and I can tell you from personal experience that their administration is a nightmare. They are very disorganized and inefficient. Give yourself plenty of time for that application.

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I've also applied for the MSW York advanced standing. Is that also very competitive?

Also more or less when does one receive application feedback from York cause I'm concerned about receiving another offer earlier but wanting to wait it out for the possibility of York?

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