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Viewing Admission results and profiles?

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This is the direct link: http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php

The way to get here is to go to TheGradCafe's main page, not the forum page: http://thegradcafe.com/ You'll see a link to the "Results Survey" there too. 

There used to be a link on the forum's navigation bar directly to the Results Survey but the forum updates recently must have removed it. I'll sticky this post in the "Comments, Questions, Etc." subforum for now in case others are wondering the same thing.

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The Results survey system is simple (and designed awhile ago!). There are a few stats that a user can choose to add if they want (GPA and GRE scores but that's it). If an applicant chose to share this info, a red diamond will appear after the Decision & Date information. Mouse over the red diamond to see this information.

However, these stats are not very useful since there are so few of them. I wouldn't use the Results Survey in order to get information about these stats. I would say the primary and maybe the only really reliable use of the Results Survey data is to get some anecdotes about the timing of responses. For example, if you see that year after year, a program sends interview decisions by a certain date, then you can know approximately when to hear. You might also be able to tell if a school will send decisions on accept/reject in broad date ranges (e.g. late January? early Feb? early March?)....I'd say they are reliable to about +/- 2 weeks (at least for the schools in my field). And sometimes extreme cases are useful---you might see that a school sent a bunch of decisions in early Feb but then also see some in late March. This could tell you that there is more than one round of admits.

I would just keep two things in mind:

1. You're not seeing a representative sample....the number of people that report on here vs. the actual total number of applicants is very small.

2. People can make mistakes with reports. For example, some people might wait until April/May to report all of their results at once. They might forget to change the date so the decision might be reported on the wrong date. Or they might remember wrongly!

Finally, if you are looking for detailed stats, you can search for threads that are meant for people to post their profiles in the field/subfield forums (and for some fields, I'd say there is a lot more community on other websites, for example Physics here is pretty quiet but PhysicsGRE.com is very active during the application season). Also, remember that what you post here is public and permanent, so be careful not to share details you don't want the entire world knowing. For more info:

Example "profile thread": 

TheGradCafe Edit/Delete Policy: 


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Anything we can do about people posting in the results sections asking about other people's results? I didn't think that was the purpose of it.

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Start a thread in the relevant sub-forum for all of those questions, and encourage others to be responsible community members and use it instead of the results survey. We can't stop people from posting questions there, and we don't have the time or energy to go around deleting them. We understand that there is some advantage to posting in the results survey as opposed to posting in a thread (anonymity), but this might be a good time to again remind everyone that you should never post anything that you don't want to be associated with you, because at the end of the day, nothing is truly anonymous on the internet.  

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