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Fall 2016 Clinical Psychology Applicant Thread

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I think we can all relate to this!

Just some words of encouragement from someone who went through the rigorous ordeal last year: Stay positive! Don't ever give up and, remember, perseverance goes a long way towards your success! A

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I am anxiously waiting to hear back from my dream school. Does anyone else find themselves daydreaming about what your POI is doing at that very moment?! Creepy....I know.

The faculty told us on interview day about their plans to make final decisions last week. The result page for that school has been very silent. I am finding myself very tempted to email my POI so I can stop obsessively checking my email and Grad Cafe. Do you think it would be okay to send a short email asking about my status even though it has only been a week since they met to decide? I don't want to come across too desperate or annoying.

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School Name: University of Pittsburgh
Date ACCEPTANCE :) Received: 3/8/2016
Type: Clinical Psychology, PhD
Notified via: Phone
From: PI

Additional Info: I am absolutely THRILLED to have been accepted to this program. It was always one of my favorites and became #1 when I felt really comfortable during interview weekend (crazy, right?!) I was officially given an offer and unofficially accepted. Still waiting for an official email with the stipend package and the fine print.

Happy to discuss details privately and/or talk about application/waiting/grad school life!


:) YAY!!!!!

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On 3/8/2016 at 2:30 PM, MarcusAurelius said:

Anyone waiting to hear from Western Carolina about interviews for M.A.?

If you're talking about WCU, then yes, I am. I attended the school for undergrad and asked one of the professors if interview offers had been sent out yet. I was told that they hadn't, but they should go out soon. 

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On 1/24/2016 at 4:18 PM, PhD_Wannabe01 said:

Hey all!

I got an interview at SLU (WOOHOO!). That excitement aside, has anyone heard from University of Denver, University of Missouri St. Louis, University of Western Ontario, Georgia State, or University of Saskatchewan, all for clinical? If you have, do you know if more invitations for interviews will be sent out?

Western University had our interview day today if you're still wondering. 

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1 hour ago, PhD_Wannabe01 said:



Thanks for the response, but this comment is from last year's application cycle :p.

Haha wow, that's what I get for posting a couple (few) glasses of wine deep... I hope things turned out well for you, and you're on your way to no longer being a PhD wannabe.

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