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I am in a dilemma on what to do regarding graduate school. I graduated from a highly ranked university in history and political science. I was debating about whether or not to go into law/law school or pursue education. I ended up teaching high school history and I enjoy it. I want to go to grad school to increase my status/position but I am not entirely sure what to pursue. For a masters degree, I am not sure whether or not to get a masters in education or history (preferably both). I am also thinking after that of getting a Ph.D. in education or history or a Ed.D. in history but I am not sure which (and if this makes sense). I am very passionate about history but I am not entirely passionate about research, I am much more passionate about the teaching aspect. In addition, I would like to pursue these degrees part-time and/or online so I could keep my current job position (I live in California) but if it makes more sense to go to school full-time to get the degrees, I am more than willing to do that. I guess I am looking for some guidance on what makes sense. If not a full-time professor I would love to get into administration/curriculum, etc. but I am not sure if the best way to do that is to get a PhD or EdD in Education or to focus on my primary subject (ie History and/or Political Science) and learn more from being on the job. Thanks for any and all advice. 

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If you can't imagine spend 3-5 years doing research and writing and writing tons of grant applications to support your research (and they are competitive), then do not go for the PhD.  Period.

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