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Hey everyone,

I'm a Canadian student who has recently been accepted to the LSE for a MSc in Human Resources. I've heard this is a quite prestigious university in Europe, but not so well known in North America. Am I crazy to pass up the this chance to go to the University of Toronto instead? LSE would cost me about $60,000 vs. U of T $30,000 (including living expenses). Also, as the UK has made getting work visas more difficult, I'm worried that I won't be able to stay in the UK to work after and my degree won't be as recognized when back in Canada.

Anybody have any advice or experience?

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I wouldn't say that you necessarily need to stay in the UK and work there if you graduate from LSE. I think, once you have a diploma from a prestigious university, you can basically work anywhere you like, especially if your studies are not that much related to law where you need to know the laws and regulations of the country where you want to work in. 

LSE is a really good university but you need to decide whether it is worth the money you'll need to spend on it. As far as I am aware, UK does not grant scholarships which really makes it more expensive to study in the UK. 


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