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MA in Public Relation/Chances of admission

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I'm new to this forum and I would love any insight provided.

I am graduating in May with a BA in Film Studies from a state school. However, due to a variety of factors, I want to pursue a Masters in Public Relations/Strategic Communication. I will admit I don't have a ton of experience but I am applying for summer internships (fingers crossed....). I'm wondering if I may be a competitive applicant for the following schools:


John Hopkins

American University

Lasalle University (Philadelphia)

Ball State University

Syracuse (Newhouse)


My credentials are as follows:

GPA (Major): 4.0; overall: 3.961

Publications: book review in peer-reviewed journal

Teaching experience: 2 official teaching assistantships; 3 tutoring positions in freshman English courses

Presentations: paper presented at undergraduate conference (Society for Cinema and Media Studies)

Research experience: conducted research for a book my professor wrote - my work appears in the appendix of the book

Employment: writing consultant/clerical assistant at campus Writing Center 

GRE: pending scores


This is not an exhaustive list but merely an overview of my accomplishments. 


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Hey there, 

In terms of your question, I can't be of any help. But I'm applying for PR programs too. Nice to find someone else on here applying for similar programs!

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I don't know about those schools. That said, I think you'd be very competitive for the Gaylord College Journalism and Mass Communication program at OU if you are interested - and their application deadline for the fall is June.

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