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Declining Graduate Offer From Your Undergraduate School?

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I'm having a hard time declining offers in general, but an especially hard time declining the offer from the school where I'm currently a senior (graduating in May). I know a couple of professors personally and respect them very much, I just think that I want to experience a different city and learn from a different perspective for my second degree. But this is causing me great anxiety, being afraid that I will seem unappreciative or disrespectful. Has anyone does this before or have any advice for handling this and maintaining good relations? 

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I don't think anyone takes it personally when you turn down an offer. As long as you do so in a courteous and polite way I don't see any problem. After all, it was these professors who have gotten you this far, they should be happy for you.:) I also think it's good to keep in contact with faculty from your undergraduate school, especially if they had a significant influence on your decision to attend grad school or wrote you letters of recommendation. That might help make you feel less anxious about the whole thing.

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