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Harvard SEAS Fall 2016 PhD

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Hey all! I saw a few other people wondering about people who were planning on accepting their Harvard SEAS PhD offers, so I thought I'd start this thread (didn't see one previously listed, if I missed it please let me know). 

I will be accepting an offer for Applied Mathematics, but because SEAS is so interdisciplinary I thought it would be nice to do a general Meet and Greet for all the incoming SEAS students. I will be attending the Open House on March 25th, but have already decided to accept it given that it was my top choice program (I spent the last 6 months doing research at Harvard so I already know plenty about it, the program, researchers, etc). Please feel free to exchange information or contact details. I'd be fine with exchanging FB information via messaging so we can bother each other with obsessive questions prior to August and maybe alleviate a little tension by getting to know a few people beforehand. I'm not sure how much time we'll have to really discuss much during the visit. 

Of course this is entirely optional. Congratulations! Looking forward to the next few years working alongside everyone. 

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Hey, thanks for starting this. I've been admitted for bioengineering in the robotics group, but I might switch to CS.

I visited on Monday and spent the day with professors in a couple of labs I'm interested in and had dinner with their students (because I can't make it to the visit day on the 25th). From this kind of visit, though, I wasn't able to get a sense of the program overall (community, classes, culture, etc). It sounds like you're more familiar with it, so it would be great to hear that. Also, one thing I found interesting/surprising was that a lot of the students recommended living in the grad dorms.

This is my top choice at this point, but now that I have all my options on the table, I want to give them all a critical look before making a final decision.

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