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I was accepted into SIPA, Tufts, SAIS, SIS, and CIR. ALL of the schools have offered generous funding.

SIPA offered me the most by far: over $67k in funding for the 2 years plus an International Fellowship.

SAIS offered full funding for the first semester in Bologna. I'll email to ask about 2nd year funding.

Tufts gave me over $40k for 2 years,

SIS & CIR gave me 1/2 off tuition waiver.

Any of these options would require some debt, which is fine. I'm not risk averse. I'm just trying to find the best option. I am interested in terrorism and security studies; I already speak a few languages, so language course accommodation is not a problem. I have 6+ years abroad working in public service, so I don't have to have a study abroad option. I don't really know what I want to do after school; I've thought about a PhD, working in consulting, working for the UN, Amnesty International, or a think tank. 

Any advise?

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Sounds like SAIS offered you the most based on debt incurred.

67k over two years still leaves 75k+ in loans for SIPA, whereas full funding for one year at SAIS Bologna means (at most) one year of full attendance costs at SAIS DC (71k based on their estimate).

SAIS has been responding saying that second year students can reasonably expect to receive the same funding as the first year given they keep-up grades (ie not get straight Cs or fail)

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an update

I'm now in at Oxford but still waiting on the scholarship announcement.

SIPA offered me $71k in scholarships, and the tuition+fees are about $113 for the 2 years. So, I'd be on the hook for $42k.

SAIS has now offered me a full ride. So, I'd have no debt.

But, from what I've researched, I think that SIPA is a better fit overall.

What would you do?

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42k of loans isnt too bad, but have you factored in cost of living?

you could try using a loan repayment calculator with the amounts for each school. Then budget out your living expenses against your salary -taxes...

just figure out how long it would take to pay off that debt and whether you think its really worth it

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