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Credentials for Chemistry Graduate School

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I just want to know if I'm over reaching with chemistry graduate programs with a concentration in biological chemistry, but applying to all chemistry departments. 

I am a junior with a QPA of 3.45 with my major GPA about a 3.4 

I've done research for 2 and a half years with an internship and two REUs. With presentations at several ACS meetings.

I haven't taken the GRE but I'm expecting about Q162 and V158. I'm unsure about taking the subject GRE. 

My LORs are all very strong. 

So far my list is 





UC Davis

NC State 



Please let me know if I'm overshooting. Thanks! 

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I had a 2.96 when I applied. 159/159/4. Three years of research. Biological chemistry. Top 20 school undergrad.

Accepted at NCSU, Delaware, Alabama, and Tulane

Rejected from Brown, Vanderbilt, and Northeastern.

Wait listed at UVA.


Apply where you think you'd happiest, but they all seem attainable. Good luck!$

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I'm not in biochem, but that looks like an entirely reasonable range of schools based on the stats you've listed. Research experience is a strong point, not only for a CV, but also because it will allow you to write about your research goals in a knowledgeable manner when you write your statements of purpose/research statements/personal statements/etc. 

Good luck! :)

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