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Dear All,

I recently got accepted to the following universities which I am heavily considering:

Yale's IDE Program- International and Development Economics (No Funding)

UCSD GPS (Full Tuition waive off for one year)- MIA with concentration in International Development (Might choose a dual track option of ID with either Public policy or International Economics)

UCLA MPP (Concentration International Development) (No Funding)

Some other programs which I cant afford

SAIS IDEV (No funding) , GWU Elliot IDS (no funding yet, might receive but no clue), American University SIS - MID ($$ but still expensive) , Korbel School-MID ($$ but still expensive), Boston University MAGDE (No funding) and IHEID -MDEV (On waitlist)

I am interested in the field of Development Economics and thus want to do a quantitative program which will not only give me strong quant skills but also more professional and applied skills. Hence I wanted to target universities which have some great Econ schools and not only good in International Affairs.

I aspire to work in the field of Development with either multi-lateral organizations such as World Bank or UN and Development Think tanks such as Brookings. I have come to realize that Quant skills are something which many employers value a lot (Particularly World Bank and Brookings)  hence I feel I should do a curriculum which will give me those skills. I have a solid background in Economics and am also doing a diploma in Economics, but still would want to focus on a quantitative curriculum.

Would anyone have any suggestions to offer? Iam an international Student from India and cant spend too much on my education based on personal funding. And from the past discussions on Grad Cafe, I have realized that taking debt in a field like Development doesn't make sense since one doesn't end up earning that much (Compared to Business graduates).

The universities which I can afford are- Yale IDE and UCSD . (UCLA I can take loans but is it worth it??)

Yale and UCSD(After scholarship) would end up costing the same. However UCSD is a two year program while Yale is a one year program. The department I applied to at Yale is part of the Econ department (Which is amazing) while UCSD is part of the IR school (GPS). 

Please tell me what do you guys think? Which university should I target? Does having a brand name like Yale help you get entry in these organizations despite it being a one year program. Or does a two year degree have more impact?

Iam sorry this post turned out to be rather long :o

Thanks a lot for your inputs in advance!




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I am by no means an expert or even close to the most experienced person on these gradcafe forums in regards to this, but I'm instantly inclined to suggest that you ask each program (namely Yale and UCSD since those are clearly your front runners) if their alumni have gone on to work at the places you would hope to work. Request to speak to alumni of the programs. Can you afford build on the one year Econ program of Yale by interning at a career goal specific organization if necessary? Does Yale already have relationships with those organizations? Does UCSD? Will geographic location (and proximity) be a factor?

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I would say any class in a real economics department would be better than most classes in GPS in terms of the rigor and technical skills. Also, Yale has better branding than UCSD outside of the USA. Since you are Indian, that's a big deal. 

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This is an easy one. Go to Yale and don't look back. Your conclusion that Yale and UCSD cost the same is incorrect; UCSD has an additional year of opportunity cost of being away from work, so you need to take the lost income into account as well. With the 1) brand name program that matters a huge ton overseas, 2) legit econ dept, and 3) less opportunity cost, go to Yale.

Edit: this is from March...OP likely already made a choice. Hope it was Yale

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