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3 Year-ACCD MDP VS 2 Year-Parsons DT

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        At this moment, I am left to decide between ACCD MDP Program(Media Design Practice) and Parsons Design and Technology Program. I know ACCD is pretty hardcore, future-oriented. Also it emphasis on theories and conceptions more. While Parsons DT is computer science meets design. Also it is more finance-oriented. 

      Can anyone give me more comparisons between these two?

       Also the MDP is a 3 year program. Is the extra year worth the $50000 tuition? Will the essential skills such as graphic design and aesthetic design be emphasized in the project-oriented courses. How are the new ideas and conceptions brought out of the course  put into practice? Let me ask in another way, Is there any project running in the campus making profit right now?Will the Critical thinking course provided by ACCD extremely hard for International students?

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