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GWU VS Umass VS Uconn Help decision

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I got admitted into those three statistics master program. But it's hard for me to make a decision between those three schools. I am more interested in go to industry instead of Ph.D. after graduated

GWU stat program gave me $5000, but the living cost in DC is pretty high. And the program has more than 100 ms students this year, soooo many people. 

Umass stat program is under math&stat department, it is a small program, only have around 15 students each year. And I heard from students there, most of ms students can get TA or RA, so it means I won't pay lots of tuition. But I am not familiar with the job market in that state. If you know could you give me some information?

Uconn, actually this is my least option. most of the professors are biostat, which I am not interested in. and they don't have fellowship or TA to ms students. 

If you know something about those three schools or states, please give some advice or information, so I can make decision. Thank you so much 

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