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Out of the blue, my profile featured a profile picture I did not authorize. I could not remove it. I had to upload another one. (I kept on selecting "remove" but it did not happen). I wonder if there are any privacy settings that have changed in the last two weeks that we are not aware of. Thanks.

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I reset your photo. You're right, the 'remove photo' option isn't working properly. This is a problem with the software; we did have an update a few days ago to fix a security issue, which seems to have introduced this new issue. This is not something we can solve so we'll have to wait for Invision to fix it, but in the meanwhile, here is what I did to reset your photo: instead of clicking on 'remove photo', which wasn't doing anything, I clicked on 'import from URL' and then 'save', leaving the URL field blank. That successfully reset the photo. It is not ideal, but hopefully this workaround fixes it for now. 

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