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Long Island SLP Programs - Hofstra, St. John's, Adelphi

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Deciding between Hofstra, Adelphi and St. John's.  Does anyone have any feedback on these programs.  St. John's and Hofstra seem comparable in price, while I think Adelphi is about $20k more.  I know St. John's is ranked higher, but I'm not sure how much that really matters when it comes to getting a job.

Does anyone have insight on these programs?


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Hello! I've heard that St. Johns is heavily medically/research based, so it'd be a good fit for you if you wanna work in a hospital setting. I know one girl I'm in school with said she knew someone that attended Hofstra for a semester and then transferred to LIU Post because she really disliked it, but I attended their open house and it seemed like a good program! I know they require multiple semesters of research, but the tour guide said that it's pretty low key. Also, their clinic looked nice and they talked about how student's work with early intervention and children's groups - but I think that's similar to most programs. I know multiple SLP's that graduated from Adelphi pretty recently (like, 2010-2011) and they said they loved the program. They have the Sunday program option available so you're able to work while you're in school, which I think is a cool option. The only thing is that they do now charge a flat rate tuition of 85,000 dollars which I think is pretty ridiculous since every other school in the area is only about 60-65,000. I honestly don't feel like ranking really matters in terms of job prospects - I know one SLP that graduated from LIU and she got a job immediately in the city and then after 2 or 3 years transferred to a position in a special needs school on Long Island, another SLP that graduated from Adelphi and then worked in a special needs school on Long Island and then just got a job in the school districts, and when I was observing at a private clinic one of the SLP's had graduated from St. John's. Also, according to EdFind Adelphi has a class of about 100 students while Hofstra and St. John's have a class of only about 40-50 students, which I feel is important to consider. Personally, I don't think Adelphi is worth the cost especially since they have such a large cohort. I hope this information helps somewhat!

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