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Masters in Public Affairs confusion

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I've applied for a Masters Degree with a focus on International Developments and was accepted to WWS, JHU (SAIS - IDev), MSFS (IDEV), SIPA and Fletcher. I've received varied funding from each school (WWS of course is completely funded). I'm trying not let funding be my only factor in my decision making process but would appreciated others opinions regarding my choices. I'm interested in the intersection between the public and private sector. WWS has the least business focused curriculum but it has  a strong CORE curriculum as well as the brand name. SAIS/DC are more professionally focused and Fletcher gives me a good combination of all of the above. Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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Go to Princeton! A business-focused curriculum is not what you should be looking for in the MPA, however you probably can direct a lot of your studies towards public-private partnerships/public management/public innovation if you want to at Princeton. WWS has the best reputation not just for the money but also for academics, so go and don't look back.

My heart's kind of breaking to know that there are people who got in to WWS that might not go :'(

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