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UCSF vs NYU - Neuroscience PhD

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I have two weeks to decide between NYU or UCSF for a neuroscience PhD -- please drop me a line if you have any insight into the quality of either of these programs or what life is like as a broke student in either of these expensive cities!

Thanks so much... any help incredibly appreciated!

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What's the stipend like for the NYU program? I went to graduate school in New York and frankly, I wouldn't want to do it on less than around $25K a year.

But otherwise it's a fun city to be a student in if you like cities and you don't mind living frugally. It gets a little old after several years (or at least it did for me - around year 5 it started grating on me to live in tiny spaces for a lot of money), but there are so many positives you get in return for the small spaces. And there are still some places in the city that you have a little more room if you are willing to spend a bit more time on the subway (Washington Heights and Inwood, plus some neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn).

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