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Hey Guys,


What a wonderful time to be alive! Yet there are many decisions to be made!



I have been offered admission by three MA programs:



SAIS Washington DC;


American University;

Georgetown's Security Studies program—though I will hear from them next week, I feel it is in the bag.



My predicament is the following. I am a non-American student whose main areas of interest are international relations and international security. I want to devote my life to academia (preferably based at the USA) but that requires a top-notch PhD. The programs I am most interested in are incidentally the most selective: Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Chicago and Yale.


My question for Grad Café’s devoted followers is the following: Which of the MA programs I mentioned above would best prepare me for the PhDs admissions I mentioned beneath?


By now, I have realized that American admission committee’s do not focus exclusively on one item on the applicant’s CV. But since I want to walk the road towards tenure, my academic credentials will carry significant weight both for my PhD admission and my career.


I might be too picky, but I am troubled with the following observations:


- SAIS might be considered too policy- or economics-centered.

- I have the feeling that American U is sometimes held as a step beneath or not “prestigious enough”.

- Does Georgetown’s Security Studies program carry the same reputation as the MSFS/Foreign Service?


What do you guys think?

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