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Fulbright 2017-2018

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I just speed read through this intense experience of waiting for a response...I hope all of you who made it through are having a great start of your adventures abroad. :)

(I'm a Czech ETA first year applicant if any of you current Czech ETAs have any advice before I complete my application  - it's done and in the hands of my committee atm but I'll get it back Saturday - I'd appreciate it!!)

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On 16.05.2017 at 7:10 PM, gogotime said:

Just got bumped to Primary for Ukraine ETA! WHOOT WHOOT!  Just to confirm - given that I am not based in the USA, will I get funding up to $1000 for tickets to and from m location?

Congratulations! I applied Ukraine for 2018-19, if you have time, I would be really grateful to talk about the process.

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Hey! For those concerned about Russia ETA

On the spreadsheet someone said that Russia was cancelled but that was FALSE. I freaked and asked a friend who is there now and she said that as of now it is not cancelled and even though the response time is late considering past years ETA applicants will receive the final notice in the beginning of May and get their assignment posts mid-may :) 

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