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Hello! As we're all figuring out our plans for next year, I have a question that doesn't seem to have come up yet. What's the deal with deferrals? It seems that few graduate departments have their deferral policies listed on their website, and certainly no mention is made of it at visiting weekends so far. I know that our cohort sizes are quite small, so discouraging deferrals to an extent makes sense--but to what extent are they discouraged? What are acceptable reasons for deferring, if any? 

I haven't made my decision about graduate school yet, and I don't want to frighten any grad schools by asking about this and making them think I won't come next year (I do intend to attend grad school next year... but there is another great 1 year thing--originally a back up plan--that I'm waiting to hear about). Help?

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Some schools will not approve deferrals-for any reason-and will advise you to decline your spot this year and reapply when you are ready to attend. Some have a policy in place for approving them for "serious issues"(medical, death in the family, etc.). Most, to my knowledge, will not approve a deferral so that you can attend another program/delay starting in the program.

The best person to ask is the program director/grad advisor.  

Edit: The reason it isn't brought up is probably because deferrals, possibly with the exception of medical/health related circumstances, are frowned upon. You are admitted in a certain year for various reasons, which might change from cycle to cycle. 

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