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Any Fellow Theoretical EEB's?

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I just thought to find people who can empathize with a theoretical evolutionary bio PhD applicant (me). Especially to discuss which schools have great Theoretical EEBists and how to get into them...

As I have never been to the US, I would appreciate any insight into the schools that offer theoretical evo bio PhD's, especially the following schools-

Harvard OEB, MIT bio-EECS, Stanford Biology, Caltech CMS ( non- bio department there), Berkeley Integrative Bio, UCLA BioMaths/EEB, UCSB ( aiming people behind Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics), Cornell Bio. 

I would like to know about the academic life at these places, lab cultures etc.

My profile is quite plain right now, but I'm hoping some up-time soon-

Undergrad: A private university in India ( primarily a med school)
Major: Life Sciences
Minor: Medical Biotechnology
GPA: 3.5 ( one bad patch, but got better grade in Evolution course, maybe the highest in the class)
Graduate: A reputed university in India 
Major: Biotechnology
GPA: 3.5 ( had a distinction, so I don't know if this conversion is right)

Grad School 2: A top university in London.
Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 
GPA: 3.0 ( had a distinction in BioStats / Bioinfo though)

GRE's: will take soon

Research Experience: Masters thesis on computational microbial biology at the first gradschool and work on computational mammalian evolutionary genomics at the second grad school ( no pubs yet).
Had a poster out of my own work presented at a top international MathBio workshop in the UK with funding from US and UK. 

Research Interests: Somatic Evolution of Cancer, Language Evolution, General Evolutionary Theory, Developmental Evolution ( any of these will do!)

Any suggestions based on my profile are welcome. 

What schools are 'safe/ fall backs' for me? 


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