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I know decisions were only just released for the Security Studies MA but I haven't heard anything since the initial acceptance. Has anyone heard anything regarding funding or an accepted students day? I'm headed to Washington for SAIS and Elliot's open days tomorrow and Friday and I'd like to visit Georgetown's SFS on Thursday but it seems that they're having the MSFS open day then and I don't know if I'd have any luck meeting with anyone. Is anyone else weirded out by the lack of communication?

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10 hours ago, Danbrenn said:

My acceptance said that I wouldn't receive any scholarship money and that the 'Visiting Day' for the program would be April 22nd.  Today I received an email with a link to my loan information, etc etc. 

That's strange, my acceptance letter did not give me that much information but I did get info on loans today. It's unfortunate that their 'visiting day' is so late but I think I'll still try to drop in and speak with someone on Thursday. Thanks for your quick response!

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