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PhD Social Work Kansas University vs. Ohio State vs. Kansas University

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I was wondering if anyone had any insight regarding PhD programs at Pitt, Ohio State, or Kansas University. I had initially wanted to accept an offer at Pitt, but was offered a spot at Kansas University and Ohio State. The funding packages for these 3 programs are relatively similar. None of the programs are particularly engaged in research with the population that I have an interest in, but all have stated that they are willing to help me explore ways in which to get my needs met. Thank you!

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I know nothing about social work, but I did my undergraduate work at the University of Kansas. (I'm assuming you're talking about KU, right?) I love the school, and I'm hoping to get into another graduate program there (I'm currently at UChicago). My overall experience was a good one, although I was an anthro and Classics student, so what I did/studied was probably a bit different from what you are interested in! (maybe)

I also should add that Lawrence is a wonderful medium sized town, with a personality that is often compared to Austin, TX, the Pacific Northwest, etc (especially considering where it's located). It's also only 30 minutes away from Kansas City.

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