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I have admits for fall 2016 from

1. USC MS CS (Scientists and Engineers)

2. CMU ini MS in Information technology (Information Security track) (MSIT-IS)

3. University of Pennsylvania Masters in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT)

I'm having a tough time in finalizing the university to attend. Currently I'm inclined towards UPenn's MCIT program because of the course structure. However I hear a lot of people say that Ivy league colleges have lost their charm and the quality of faculty and research is deteriorating. How true is the observation in the case of UPenn? Is it recommended that I don't join their program?
Also Since I would be getting a degree stating Masters in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) and not MS CS, will this be looked down upon by recruiters? Will the name of the degree be a hindrance in securing good jobs?
It would be great if current students /alums could help me compare the three courses and shed some light on:
1.  job scenarios after graduating from each of these universities. I wanna know what kind of roles are offered to the graduates from these programs. how useful are the career services at each of these universities? Specifically I wish to know what kind of help they provide when it comes to job/ internship search. How do students from each of the three universities normally end up getting full time job offers?
2. How good are the cs departments at the above universities and the quality of faculty and research?
For a quick background about me and my reasons for graduate studies, I have an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronics. And I've been working mostly in web application development using Java. My main motive for masters is to get a solid background of core computer science fundamentals and to explore other areas apart from application development like artificial intelligence, systems engineering, cloud,information security etc. 
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