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Hello Gradcafe,

Struggling with a good problem to have. Got admitted to Yale's School of Forestry (FES) as well as University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE). Yale degree is Masters of Environmental Management; Michigan is Masters of Science. My research interests are renewable energy, green chemistry, arctic climate policy, and life cycle assessment. Both gave me equivalent financial packages. Visited UM before visit day and Yale at the open house. 

I'm torn about which to choose. Part of me feels like it would be silly to turn down Yale because its the golden key that will open a lot of doors. Something tells me the folks at Michigan seem a bit more realistic and pragmatic. They work in Flint and Detroit. Yale has opportunities (so many) around the world. Another major difference is structure: FES has no required courses (candy shop), whereas SNRE has a few core classes and a larger emphasis on tracks.  So does anyone have any thoughts?

Did anyone suffer with a similar decision? Anyone have any comments on the structures, outcomes, and attitudes of the two programs? So much help..seriously... I have eaten so many Tums (tm) the last week.


With thanks and gratitude,


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forgot to say thanks!
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Are the financial packages similar once you factor in cost of living? From what I've heard, New Haven is a lot more expensive than Ann Arbor. 

In terms of academics, they're both great programs with solid reputations so you can't really go wrong there. Would you take the more boring or core courses at Yale FES even though they aren't required or would you really specialize? I think it's good to get a broad base, especially in a master's program.

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