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2 hours ago, Agrippina said:

Is everyone all settled? What did you ultimately decide? Where are you going? Have you decided to wait until the next cycle?

I am going to the University of Kentucky for something a little different than the standard Classics PhD.

How does it differ from the standard Classics PhD?

I am going to UT Austin and am looking forward to the move south in the fall. The class list looks spectacular (The Senate and the Emperor? Roman Religion? Epigraphy and the Economy of the Greek City? yes to all of the above, please), and I have just made plans to room with some of my cohort-mates. 

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I decided to attend Cornell for the Classics PhD.  My interests lie in the intersection of Ancient Philosophy and Ancient History in Late Antiquity, and Cornell has a lot of people I can use for that (such as Eric Rebillard, Charles Brittain, and Tad Brennan).  Even more than that, I'm looking forward to finally moving back to New York after 11 years in Florida.

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