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I just got off the waitlist for University of Northern Colorado and was accepted for their Fall 2016 program.  I already made my decision for Radford a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm debating which school I should attend.  I'm interested in working in the school setting with clients that have ASD or learning disabilities.  Both programs have on-campus clinics, so I'm looking for a program that has a fair balance between clinical and research.  I would love to hear everyone's opinions on these two programs on what you like/dislike about them, practicum placement experiences, was it easy to find a job after graduation if applicable, and your overall experience. 

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Well I'm not in your area of study but I currently go to radford for my undergrad, graduating in a week! But The area is super nice, low cost of living, and there are plenty of walking/biking/hiking trails. There is a hospital right up the road and you would most likely get experience with the student health center. If you are looking for nightlife/city scene you would be disappointed.  There aren't a lot of options, but the food is good around here! You would have to drive to blacksburg for more variety (30 mind drive). Sorry I can't be more helpful with your program.

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