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I thought I should contribute since I got immensely helped from this site for a long time. 

I should explain this. Firstly, I am an EE Major student planning to switch to CS specifically to Robotics!

Undergrad Institution: Top Engineering School in Mumbai (India)
Major(s): EE
Minor(s): Robotics
Overall GPA: 3.0

Type of Student: Indian Male

GRE: Will be giving July 8th, 2016 (Expecting 330+)

Applying for: Fall 2017

Research Experience: I have extensively worked with MIT Media lab, Harvard Medical School on research projects and grants with tenured faculty from Harvard that are extraordinary. I have 3 publications with Harvard faculty and MIT students, in addition to that, I have 3 publications pending to be accepted. I have presented one research paper in USA on wireless communication using game theory.


1.  Runner up for Augmented Books in AngelHack Hackathon at Bombay stock Exchange

2. 1st Prize in college technical fest for one of the projects

3. Outstanding student of the year award 2010

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 

TA for experiment relevant to my research focus, TA for other non-related courses with Harvard Medical School itself

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: 

1. I have given a talk in TEDx on one of my projects

2. I have 15+ Amazing projects

3. I have worked in 2 startups and eventually created a startup of my own on one of my projects

4. I have a widespread media coverage.

5. One of my project has been appreciated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: One recommendation letter from Harvard Medical School Tenured Faculty with uncountable papers and grants on him, another Letter of recommendation from a tenured faculty of University of new Hampshire from robotics department.

Applying To where:

It would be my dream come true if I get into CMU ECE (As it will be easier to get than CS because my majors are in CS and also CMU ECE and CS almost have same courses)

I wanted my dear friends here to tell me what are my chances of getting into CMU
Also what are my chances of getting into other universities with CS as my majors!


I know its not right to count chicks before eggs hatched, as I mentioned I am preparing for GRE and not yet given, but still I want to know my chances, I think it wouldn't hurt to know chances of getting into my dream university!


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