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Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone out there had any advice of input on a few post undergrad- pre graduate art programs that are specifically designed to help build a portfolio to apply to grad schools.  I have recently been accepted (for the summer) into programs at VCU, the Tyler School of Art, and SVA.  I'm specifically looking into the programs for sculpture which I know VCU has a big rep but I'm not sure about the other ones, so I'm reaching out to see if maybe anyone has done one of these summer programs or has any recommendations. 

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I did Tyler's summer intensive & am also a sculptor. Tho most of the people in the program were painters, Tyler's sculpture facilities are really incredible and the faculty I met with were fantastically helpful and supportive. Given Philadelphia's proximity to New York, you get to spend a good amount of time learning about the NYC art scene. It's an expensive program (in addition to the program cost you have to cover living expenses and materials), but if you're able to get one of the scholarships or outside funding it's definitely worthwhile. Feel free to pm me with more questions!

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