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Hi everyone, 

So I initially applied to the biotech program at Columbia University and ended up receiving a rejection letter. Then fast forward a few weeks later, I received an email from the Director of Admissions saying,

"Given your excellent credentials and potential for success at Columbia University, you were nominated by the Biotechnology admissions committee for consideration to Columbia’s Master of Science degree in Bioethics. While you applied initially for the Biotechnology program, your strong background positions you well for the M.S. program in Bioethics at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies".

All of that was followed by some information about bioethics and a link that allowed me to transfer my application to that program. So what I'm wondering now, is what my chances are of getting in. I've looked for posts with a similar circumstance but I didn't seem to find any. Is this circumstance common? Also the bioethics program has slightly more requirements (ie. GRE score) then the biotech program, but I was told not to send any additional information. Would not having that information make me less desirable for admission? 


Please help me!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!! 


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This happens sometimes. Obviously, they think you have a chance, or they wouldn't refer your file to the other program's admissions committee or tell you that they think you have a good chance. Exactly how much of a chance, no one here can tell you. The fact that they told you not to submit additional information would suggest that they feel confident that they can make a decision without this information, which would tend to suggest a positive outcome. If I had to bet I'd say you have a fair shot at it, but of course I only have partial information and could be wrong. Either way, I don't think there is anything that anyone here can do for you, other than to say that if you are interested, tell them to go ahead with the process, and I'm sure you'll hear soon enough, one way or the other. Good luck!

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It seems like a very different program than the one you initially applied for -- are you actually interested in switching directions to that extent?

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