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5 hours ago, Blizzard said:

It's been a long time since I posted to this thread, and congrats to those of you who were accepted and are preparing to take the next step in your lives! How exciting! I'm posting because this seems odd to me and really really frustrating: It seems pretty universal we were all told if we didn't get so much as an interview, to contact the program AFTER May 1st to get review on our applications, right? So I did that. I waited til after May 1st, hoping the stress from match day would die down, and since I work in higher ed I know the stress that surrounds finals and end of term week for so many. Anyways, I waited and then contacted shortly there after. Left voicemails or emails. None of them got back to me. So I contacted again last week, and have received contact from 2. But today, this was an email I got, and it's actually really making me upset:

"(My name)

Due to the large number of requests coupled with the limited availability of faculty this summer, we have a short opportunity to offer feedback on applications. Please call (Program director's name) on [One specific date in june in a 4 hour block], eastern time zone. If you are unable to make this time, unfortunately  we are unable to schedule an alternative day/time."

I removed my name, the program director's name/contact info and the date obviously, but has anyone else received anything as curt at this? This program was my top choice, and I was planning to apply there again next cycle, but they really make me feel like they can't be bothered if you weren't good enough to get in a first time. It's really discouraging. especially in contrast to how friendly they were last summer and fall, when I was a potential applicant. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar with trying to get feedback on their applications? My coworker applied to PhD programs this cycle, and his programs were more than happy to share review. 

Hi, so I have sent out emails to all my programs. Basically only three have replied all telling me to contact them after June 4th, 6th, or 9th (different for each program), but I haven't received anything like that. I was bummed as I waited until the 25th to send these emails and was still told I need to wait a could more weeks until they have time. All programs that responded to me have said that they'd be happy to discuss my application... I feel that is a little rude of a program to only offer such a short time.. but I guess I don't really understand what other things they may be dealing with on their end... but still. 

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