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MPH: domestic (Canada) or abroad, and how to get experience


The title probably gave you an idea about how indecisive I'll sound in the following few sentences so here it goes:

I graduated from a Canadian university with a BA in Political Science (focus: political philosophy, int'l development) and another totally different and unrelated to my inquiries discipline. As a result, my experience is in, well, research and some odd jobs here and there relating to communications and teaching. I never really planned to work in either field, the plan was always to do a Master's degree or another (professional) Bach'. I've narrowed down the programs that I'm interested in to a couple and the one that stands out the most (for now) is in Public Health. I hear that it's really competitive getting in an MPH program in Canada and schools usually consider experience in the field an asset. My question then is: What sort of work and volunteer opportunities should I be looking at in order to gain experience in the field of/related to PH? I'm already looking into taking some math/stats/health science courses, but I'd like to have some more hands-on experience, even if it means it's through volunteering. Also, I prefer applying to a Canadian school, but I am considering some UK ones, too. Would that damage my prospects of finding employment in Canada? 

Any information would be much appreciated!


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