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Research topic suggestions: dreams, narrative, illustration

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I'm busy doing reading for my research proposal which will eventually become an 8000 word dissertation with practical component. I am an illustration honours student.

I am looking at Dream descriptions as narratives and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me, I also want to create illustrations (visual art, visual representations) (part of my practical component) based on these dream descriptions (that i gathered from other people). Which type of theories would I look at in terms of this sort of subject? And what sort of topics would help me narrow down my research scope enough?

I have a vague idea that image and text is something I might explore, I also looked a bit into narrative theories of Roland Barthes. And i found a few good articles on dreams as narrative texts. 

I'm also not sure if my topic is maybe too broad, am I researching too broad? (I haven't gotten a supervisor yet as they only assign one after we gave our research proposal presentation)

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These are questions for someone who knows you and your research, not for random internet strangers who know nothing about you. Coming up with a good research question and doing a comprehensive lit review are two of the most important steps of doing research, and is not something that anyone here will just do for you. If you don't have an official supervisor, schedule meetings with those professors in your department who share interests with you to talk about your research proposal. Talk to more advanced students. Find out what other resources your department offers to help with the process. It seems unlikely that you would be left on your own to write an entire proposal without any feedback from anyone in your department. 

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