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Which lab should I rotate with first?

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I'll be starting a PhD program in biochemistry in a few weeks and I have to meet with the program advisor soon to set up my rotations. I pretty much have my top 6-7 labs picked out, but I'm wondering what's best: do I rotate with my favorite (top choice) lab first or last? Is there an advantage to either? We get to rotate through three labs before deciding, so obviously I will keep my options open out of the three. So, should I rotate with my top choice lab first or last?

Thanks in advance!

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I'd go with the top choice first. Sometimes a PI gives (slight) preference to the students who rotated with them first. If you are taking courses this semester too then as the semester moves on you might have to spend less time in the lab on rotation and more time studying for exams.

Feel free to approach all 3 PIs to ask about sitting in on their group meetings throughout the semester (before & after your rotations with them). It's a useful way to gain exposure to their research and lab dynamics, and shows commitment on your part. 



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