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I am a new college freshman after taking a few years off after high school. I have done alot of research and decided to pursue social work. However, I have many questions that I cant find the answers to. 

1. Would a degree from Ashford University Online look good to employers?

2.Ashford university offers a B.A. in social science, sociology or psychology, which would you recommend? Or would it be better to actually find a bsw program?

3.Do you know of any online BSW programs that offer a more nontraditional approach such as offering a single class every 5-6 weeks (like Ashford University) vs taking a full course load in the more traditional fall,spring, summer setting? 

Thanks in advance and any advice or recommendation are totally welcome.

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Hi @Funkiehippie, this forum is for people applying to or already in graduate school so your questions aren't appropriate here. To get sound advice, you may want to reach out to social workers and/or potential employers in your area to see how they would view an online program and Ashford University in particular. Given the emphasis on developing good interpersonal skills in social work programs, I'd guess that many employers will want to see someone who went to an on-campus (or perhaps a hybrid) program.

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