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SO...perhaps too close for comfort in regards to time, I am in a rock in a hard place and completely torn about my graduate school decision. Let me begin by saying that I have been accepted into the University of Michigan (AA) and am on the track to begin the clinical MSW program this September. At this time, I reside one hour away from U of M and after scheduling classes, I realize that U of M doesn't attempt to cater much to the "working adult" between field placement, classes, work study and group projects.  Perhaps this is causing me to have some cold feet about attending. That leads to me to my first question: Does anyone have any experience with working while attending U of M's MSW program?  It is not to say that I don't plan to eventually move out there but due to finances, I cannot at this time and my concern is not being as successful as I could be if I lived near campus.

Also- If I'm being honest, Ann Arbor as a city has never fancied me much and I have developed a great love for Grand Rapids. This has definitely made me consider Grand Valley State University as a graduate school option but I am also hesitant to give up U of M for obvious professional reasons. Does anyone have any personal experience with Grand Valley's MSW program? Can anyone shed some insight on the importance of prestige when pursuing an MSW?  One thing aside from location that intrigues me about their program at GVSU is that it is an Advanced Generalist focus as opposed to either Micro or Macro. I do appreciate and prefer gaining both a community organization and clinical background but does anyone have any insight on what is more marketable in regards to future salary or hiring?

I have been diligently reviewing forums, stats, etc and it's appears to be the general consensus that U of M is perhaps one of the highest ranked MSW programs in the nation. Thus making my decision significantly more difficult.  Any thoughts, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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I hope you figured out what you will be doing with school since you are starting very soon! I was hoping you could answer a question for me. What was your background/stats for your undergrad. I'm looking at U of M MSW program and I have no idea how I compare or if I would even get in with a lower GPA of 3.2 cumulative. Good luck this year!

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