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Where can I apply for grad school?

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Newbie to the group here. Excited to be learning and sharing information with everyone.  J


It’s been my dream to go to grad school. I’d like to apply for a Master’s in Counseling in Europe for a fall program 2017 but don’t know which programs or which countries are good to study in. I’m looking for affordable good programs.

Here’s a little bit of my background:

I am originally from the Philippines but now work as a business trainer and life coach in Florida.  I’ve been working in this position for two years. Before that, I was a university lecturer teaching English as a second language in China for 8 years. I worked as a college instructor in the Philippines and taught English Literature for a year. I have degrees in Applied Linguistics and Literature (GPA 89%- A- =3.7 US equivalent), Secondary Education (B+ =3.0) and Special Education ( A =4.0). Foundation of International Services in the US evaluated my transcripts and they found all degrees bachelor’s equivalent from a regionally accredited university or college in the United States. All my universities are all accredited and recognized internationally. I am also a licensed teacher.

I have experience teaching children with autism and orphans who are emotionally disturbed. As a life coach, I had clients who had severe anxiety, depression and OCD. I would like to specialize in multicultural counseling and counsel minorities dealing with anxiety, depression and addiction. I just finished a Certificate of Counseling course from University of the West Scotland and am thinking of volunteering for a suicidal hotline to improve my chances of getting in.

I’m not aiming to get into top tier schools though it would be nice. What I would like is a reasonably good school that teaches in English and is academically challenging. I have looked at universities in the US (but the costs were too astronomical) and then the UK but as an international student, many are out of my price range (I’m looking for USD12,000 a year max. I don't want to break the bank). I have heard Germany and other countries are free or subsidized. Can anyone suggest universities with a good affordable program that someone with my qualifications and background can get into? Which cities/countries can I start looking at?

I could really use some advice. Hope someone can help. Thanks! :) 

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