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Hello all! 

I'm trying to study for my 2nd time at the Biology GRE subject test and am looking for more interactive, class or video study sessions. Simply reading doesn't seem to be doing it for me. If only there was actually a test prep course out there!


Any suggestions? 


I had seen a review here: http://study.com/academy/course/gre-biology-study-guide-test-prep.html#courseNavigation and was wondering if anyone had feedback about review courses on there as well. 

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Have a look at OCWs
Specifically, I suggest UCBerkeley CellBio MolBi and also Biochem , Yale (by Stephen C. Stearns,) EEB;  UCBerkeley Intro Bio ( Includes Physiology and a general overview of University Bio) (you may wish to go for a deeper physiology course if you want).
Complement this with reading and exercises from Undergrad texts. Use test prep books for learning test taking strategies, if you wish.
I am also preparing for it for the 2nd time! PM me if you wish!

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