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I applied exactly 2 weeks ago and I am going crazy waiting to hear something back! If anyone knows anything about how long it takes to hear something or anything about financial support that may be given for this specific program (stipends, assistantships, etc.) OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE PROGRAM IN GENERAL please let me know!! Thanks!!

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Unfortunately, I do not know much about that specific program. However, I did apply to the UTSA psychology masters program. I found that they took their time in getting back to applicants (found that with all my Masters programs actually). However, if you are really friendly/polite, you can usually email the person in charge of applications for a more specific deadline of when they will get back to you. For example, I was waiting to hear back from Texas State, and I was nervous about it. I emailed and discovered they weren't even looking at applications for another week. I hope you hear back soon! Best of luck :D

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