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Help! Counselling Psych/Clinical Mental Health Master's Application

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Hi all,

I just joined grad cafe because I am quite honestly extremely overwhelmed by the application process. I am applying to both counselling psychology and clinical mental health master's programs. My main concerns lie within being able to present myself as an ideal candidate when I don't have any research experience that defines a narrow scope of interest or expertise. I have done my due diligence in finding programs that don't require previous research experience; however, when reviewing examples of statements of intent, I find that most people have a clear interest that sets them apart. I suppose my question is how I can take my various interests/experiences and turn them into a selling point that is cohesive. For instance, I am gaining counselling experience at a distress centre so I am interested in trauma and crisis intervention; I work with a clinical psychologist completing intakes and diagnostic interviews under his supervision; I have some experience mentoring immigrant youth, which has led me to want to work with multicultural/diverse populations; and I've done some peer support with those affected by cancer, which has led to the desire to counsel those suffering from chronic illness, or dealing with loss and bereavement. Would it be unwise for me to express that I would like to further explore these varying interests during my studies in order to determine what path I would like to take? I am simply confused and uninformed about how all of this works so any advice on how you would approach the situation would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks :)

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All programs take a range of students. While many students do have some research, all schools accept a good number of students that have absolutely no research. This is where you fit in. The key for you here is to take whatever experiences you do have and link them to why you are applying to the program and how this specific program will help you get from point A to B. When the adcom sees that their program is NEEDED to help you achieve your career goals, they are more likely to admit you. -selectiveadmissions.com

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